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The organization provides transport from the airport to the accomodation site. The accomodation depends of a hunting-ground, preserve (the farthest accomodation is 20-30 km from a preserve).

S A L A S H (grange)
The ethno-house or so called salash is 8 km far from the center of Zrenjanin, located in a preserved nature of the Banat plain. The salash also comprises of a farm of ostriches, therefore the ostrich meat and meat products are also the part of the menu.
The private apartment is in the town of Zrenjanin and it is the part of a private house. There are two two-bed rooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. There is also a veranda, a dog kennel and a smaller parking place (for 2 or 3 cars).
Lazar Lukac, Armenian origin from Erdelj, in 1781 had bought enormous properties from Viennese court and became a founder of a family which had ruled Ečka for 160 years. In 1820 Lazar Agoston built a nogle castle. Now, it is changed into a hotel and a restaurant, with large park so even today Ečka's castle “Kaštel” is still interesting for tourists, and its background silently testify to richly and tempestuons history which was created many centuries.
HOTEL "Vojvodina"