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ROEBUCK VOJVODINA from 16.04. to 01.10.

Hunting organization per a day

Expert escort in hunting
Full board
Trophy from 200 gr to 249 gr
Trophy from 250 gr to 299 gr
Trophy from 300 gr to 349 gr

+4.8  each gr more from 300 gr

Trophy from 350 gr to 399 gr

+7.10   each gr more from 350 gr

Trophy from 400 gr to 449 gr

+8.35 each gr more from 400 gr

Trophy from 450 gr to 499 gr

+10.65  each gr more from 450 gr

Trophy from 500 gr -
+11.80  each gr more from 500 gr
VAT included!
DOE VOJVODINA 01.10.-31.01.
Shooted - meat

HUNTING AREA: In Serbia lives one of the most numerous populations of roe deer that can be found in Europe: this species populates the vast lowlands to the north of the river Danube in Vojvodina, where they live in the vast cultivated fields or in the groves alternated with small fields to the south of Belgrade. In both these areas we can find some exceptional trophies, the gold medals are to the agenda. The best period for hunting in the lowlands of Vojvodina is actually the opening, as long as the vegetation is still low and allows therefore the sighting of roe bucks in long distances and shots in the vital parts of the body. We recommend Vojvodina to those hunters that want to shoot more specimens with excellent trophies, each day. In this area the hunt is often done from the car with shots over 200 meters and with possibility of sighting of 3/10 specimens per each exit. In the wooded areas the hunt is done by stalking or by waiting in twilight and in the morning. Also in this area excellent trophies are found, but we are to consider the sighting of one or two roe bucks per each exit. This area is excellent for the hunting in the opening period, but also during the breeding season that starts in the last week of July and lasts until the first week of August.

The hunting organization is based on the accompaniment of the hunters by our professional hunters, who will meet you at the arrival at the Belgrade airport and they will be with you until departure. They have a ten-year experience in roe buck hunting. They will accompany you with a 4WD and they will tell you the approximate value of the trophy before shooting, so that you can decide whether to shoot or not. The accommodation is in the small hotels of the 2° category, full board, in the hunting area. The standard programs consist of 3 days of hunt and we guarantee you to harvest at least 3 roe bucks. If you are interested in more than 3 specimens we can guarantee you the possibility to shoot up to 10 roes a day, upon previous agreement. The trophies are paid by points but for you we have made a special price for the hunt and for the trophy up to the gold medal (up to 130 points).

Our professional guides are responsible of the evaluation of the trophy and if they allow you to shoot, you are not responsible if you have shot bigger specimens then expected, so that you won't have any responsibility for that personally.

Generalne informacije
1. Orjentaciona tabela poređenja vrednosti trofeja u CIC poenima i vrednosti izmerenih težina u gramima
do 50 180
50 - 70 200
70 - 80 230
80 - 90 260
90 - 100 340
100 - 110 370
110 - 120 405
120 - 130 430
130 - 140 465
140 - 150 490
150 + 560
2. Kriterijumi za dodelu medalja trofejima ocenjenih CIC poenima
130,00 +

The rates don't include Air tickets for Belgrade, weapon import permit to be paid directly at the Belgrade airport, guide-interpreter, tips, drinks and gratuities.

ANNOTATION: Wounding-games are charged 50% of valuables which are given in licence for hunting.

Other services in hunting:
All - terrain vehicle land rover
45 €
25 €
Sporting rifle
20 €
10 €